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Generally, as women, we are faced with many problems. Sometimes

we create our own problems. Other times, life hands us problems.

Many times, we may allow these problems to escalate to the point that

we never hand our problems over to God, but instead attempt to hold

onto them until they become lies. Lies in which the enemy torments us

and often speaks: condemning, shaming, mean, frightening, and

hateful words to us. When we believe the lies and fears from the

enemy; that we have nothing to offer, that we will never be forgiven

for past mistakes, or whatever lie we tell ourselves, we become

paralyzed by the enemy.


We must cling to God's truth! We can ask the Holy Spirit to give us

wisdom to discern what is true, to help us learn to distinguish between

God's words versus the enemies words to ensure that we are listening

to the voice of God. "He is faithful and just to forgive us" John 1:9,

(NIV). Give all the lies and fears to God! God loves us with an

unconditional love. God speaks to us lovingly. His words are kind,

convicting, encouraging, and comforting. We don't need to earn God's

love through our actions, because His love is a gift that has already

been given to us at the cross.