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Bible Scriptures References:

Please note these scripture references are whole chapters, unless specified verses are provided. 

John 14                  Times of sorrow 

Psalm 27                When people fail or disappoint us

Psalm 51                When we sin

Matthew 6:19-34     Worry 

Psalm 139               When we feel like danger is near

Psalm 139               When it feels like God is far away

Hebrews 11             Faith needs stirring

Psalm 23                 Feeling lonely and fearful

1 Corinthians 13       Do not grow bitter and critical

Romans 8:31-39       Feeling discouraged

Matthew 11:25-30    Needing peace and rest

Psalm 90                 When life's problems are overwhelming

Romans 8:1-30        Needing assurance

Psalm 121               God is Our Help 

Psalm 67                 Praise

Joshua 1                 Needing Courage

Mark 10                  Thinking of investments or returns

Romans 12              Get along with others

Isaiah 55                 Entrepreneurship/Business Opportunities

Colossians 3:12-17   Paul's secret to happiness

John 15                   How to be fruitful

Psalm 37                 When finances are tight

1 Corinthians 13       When we lose confidence in other people

John 15                   When other people are unkind

Psalm 126                Discouraged about employment